The ultimate benefit to you is that Pinnacle Event Solutions will do all of the legwork in finding and securing the best possible venue, under your direction, allowing you to focus your energy on other facets of your business.

Save time…

After an interview to discover your intent for the meeting or event, we will:

  • Scout for hotels that meet established expectations and collect bids
  • Negotiate and secure lowest possible rate on all items needed for program
  • Provide a detailed spreadsheet of results
  • Negotiate and review all contract details

Save money…

We secure best possible rates/value for your group because we understand:

  • How hotels operate in group negotiations, and all avenues that can save money
  • Approximate profit levels and areas that have larger margins for leverage

Pinnacle Event Solutions expertise is the key…

We are well trained on contract language and can make suggestions on how to best protect both parties.  We will review all details, and negotiate guarantees and protective clauses. We will then turn the contract over to you/and or your legal team for review, approval and finally, signature.

All of this is offered at no cost to your organization…

As long as there is a minimum of 10 guest rooms contracted on peak night. The hotel will in turn pay Pinnacle Event Solutions a fee, just as they would a travel agent. You can be certain we will negotiate the best possible value, our reputation depends on it.